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Are You Participating in Movember?

In 2003, a fad known by the name of “Movember” was created by the Movember Foundation in Australia. The goal of Movember is for men (and some women) to grow a huge mustache in honor of men’s reproductive health.

photo credit: Gerardo Obieta via photopin cc


Since 2003, the tradition has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Although the foundation’s roots are Aussie, mustaches have been grown in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and the United States. In fact, a few US celebrities have even participated in the men’s health campaign, including Brody Jenner, Kevin Connolly and Mark Foster.

photo credit: termie via photopin cc


The rules of Movember, which were originally set in 2003, still hold for the competition today:

1. Start Movember 1st with a completely clean-shaven face.

2. Grow a mustache for the entire month. No trimming, no tweezing and definitely no shaving!

3. Do not join your mustache with your sideburns – That’s a beard!

4. Do not join your mustache with your chin hair – That’s a goatee!

5. The final (and most important rule): Act like a true gentleman.

The Movember Foundation runs the event, and can be found at


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