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A Few Myths about Hair Loss Dispelled

With so many people concerned about going bald, many myths exist about what might prevent and cause baldness. Here are a few myths about hair loss that we would like to finally dispel.

Baseball Caps Make You Bald

Bad Girl
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We’re glad to report there is no evidence baseball caps will lead to baldness. While many believe that caps can strain the hair follicles and cause them to fall out, this is nothing but a myth.

Too Much Spray or Gel Can Lead to Baldness


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The belief for this myth is that you can product your hair into oblivion with too much spray or gel. This is false, at least if the spray or gel you’re using doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals.

Too Much Sun Can Give you a Bald Head


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Ever hear the theory that overexposure to the sun will scorch your hair? Forget about it. While it’s true that too much sun isn’t good for your skin, it won’t make you bald.

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