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9 Celebrity Men In Desperate Need of Hair Transplants

There are many men in Hollywood who can make a bald head work. From Michael Jordan to Bruce Willis, bald can be sexy on the right guy. But for the celebrity A-listers on our list, their balding scalps could use a little help.



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The legendary Hollywood star has a portfolio of acting credits that would capture the envy of most thespians in Tinsletown, but unfortunately his hair can’t claim the same. He’s been going bald for years but refuses to cut it all off; and even after a few unsuccessful hair transplants, he’s starting to look a little Jack Nicholson-y.




The newlywed, heir to the British crown may want to put on said crown in order to hide the fleeting hair leaving his head. It can’t be the cost of hair transplant surgery that’s keeping William in the bald, but the 30 year-old unfortunately inherited his dad’s royal hair-lining and now is in need of a little help from a transplant in order to restore the rich, blond locks he was known for 10 years ago.



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The once-promising action star had some of the best hair in movies like School Ties and The Mummy a while back. But recently, he’s been the butt of wig and hair plug jokes all over the world while watching his follicles, and his career… disappear.



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The Oscar Award-winning actor, singer, comedian and superstar had a secret. But it wasn’t a big secret to those that were paying attention. The secret was that Jamie’s been getting his hairline sprayed on to cover up the fact that he’s been going bald for a long time. Much like how Steve Harvey sprayed on the straightest hairline ever known to man, Foxx inherited Harvey’s program before cutting it all off and making his need for a transplant obsolete.



Photo by Gage Skidmore

Perhaps the biggest offender on our list, Donald Trump is the poster child for hair transplant necessity. Unfortunately for our eyes, his joke of a hairpiece has become the staple for his image even more than his “You’re Fired” catchphrase. The only thing we can hope for is that a hair transplant New York law will be passed and we can take a look at a Donald Trump that isn’t visually hilarious.



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Though not all the way there, the steadily-balding star of NBC’s Community and E!’s The Soup, Joel McHale could use a quick hair transplant in order to replenish a relatively decent head of hair. But look out Joel! Because in a few years with no action done, he will wish that he would have done something for his hair before he becomes a joke he’ll have to poke fun at on his own show.


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Rocky actually looks good bald. But often, he chooses to let the spotty, thinly textured hair on his head grow out and leave people to hope that he gets the transplant or just keeps it shaved off. Choose one Dwayne, because you may hear the laughter of someone making fun of your hair and have to show them what the Rock is cooking! And we don’t want that.



Photo by Gage Skidmore

Funnyman and star of the recently-released The Watch – Vince Vaughn has been a violator of the awkward, sprayed-on, comb-over hairstyle for most of his adult career. Though there have been photos available that show Vaughn with flowing locks in his early 20’s (or perhaps late teens), he now needs the transplant. And what better way to allow us to laugh at your jokes rather than your head, than to get it done and done correctly?


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This handsome British import sets movie screens on fire with his looks, his accent and his talent in front of the camera. Unfortunately, his hair is leaving his head as quickly as the hearts of the women who love him. So go ahead and get the transplant Jude. There’s no shame in restoring your loss.


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