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9 Celebrities and the Facial Hair that Made Them Famous

There have been many leading men in epic Hollywood movies that have sported some pretty memorable facial hair. From Groucho Marx’s sweet ‘stache to “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski, facial hair in movies – and the stars who’ve sported them – have inspired men to let it grow for many generations. Let’s take a look (in no particular order) at some of the best facial hair icons in cinematic history…

Clark Gable

Photo by twn1340

His sophisticated thin mustache is still the stereotypical facial hair for classy, wealthy men throughout the world. Here he is in his role as Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. 


Mr. T

Photo by BrotherMagneto

What child-of-the-80s didn’t want to be Mr. T growing up? He was mean, he was tough and aside from having tons of gold and an awesome mohawk, he had the intimidating facial hair to match! His turn as Rocky-thrashing, Clubber Lang in Rocky III made him an even bigger star. But it’s the hair that we will always remember!

Zack Galifianakis

Photo by St.Murse

The sweet, cuddly hilarious actor/comedian sports the best beard in the biz these days. From his leading-man debut in The Hangover to recently trading jabs with Will Ferrell in The Campaign, Zack’s beard helps him stand out just as well as his jokes does.


Tom Selleck

Photo by Barbara.Doduk

When you’re mentioned with the best mustaches in movie history, you’re doing something right. Right beside the best of the best, Tom Selleck will get a few first place votes when it comes to the facial hair. The Three Men & A Baby star has been known for his mustache for decades and will definitely go down as one of the greats.


Groucho Marx

Photo by twn1340

Here’s a little-known fact about the legendary comedic actor… Groucho Marx’s mustache wasn’t real! Well, later in life, he grew a real one (seen in the picture above), but when he was starring in iconic movies such as Animal Crackers, the huge, box-of-a-mustache he wore was in fact, grease and black paint. Does it take some of the steam out of your mustache caboose? Sorry…


 Johnny Depp

Photo by Sandra.Scherer

The heartthrob has many different looks, but none of them as popular as swashbuckling, Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The two-braided beard as well as the charming goatee has influenced Halloween costumes all over the planet. And rumor is Depp himself wore the look for a few years even after filming wrapped.

Brad Pitt

Photo by iron_smyth48

How cool is it, to have men dedicated to changing their looks right along with you whenever new pictures of your facial hairstyles surface? Well, that’s the life of Brad Pitt.

Samuel L. Jackson

Photo by Lazarius

Another facial hair icon – Samuel L. Jackson knows how to switch it up! From his role as John Shaft to the recently released The Avengers, Mr. Jackson does many shape-shifting things with the hair on his face. I could also reference his facial hair in movies like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and even Jungle Fever… but I won’t.


Charlie Chaplin

Photo by twn1340

This legendary silent film icon did more acting with his mustache than most did with their entire bodies. Charlie Chaplin arguably sports the most famous facial hair in cinema history and that’s saying something. The small, thick upper lip curtain was known to move, shake, dance and everything except speak, making it the most well-known feature of Chaplin himself.

Did we forget any of your favorite actors and their facial hair? Let us know below! 

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