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5 Cartoon Ladies with Fabulous Hair

When a woman goes to get a hair cut, she most likely takes a photo of a celebrity ‘do with her. But what about cartoons? These famous, hand-drawn ladies have amazing hairstyles that women everywhere should be brooding to achieve.

1. Jem

As the atler-ego of Jerrica Benson, Jem never let her bright pink hair get in the way of rocking out and having a good time. In fact, she’s had such a big influence in today’s styling that this baby pink haircolor is actually becoming popular!

2. Betty and Veronica

We couldn’t pick just one because both Betty and Veronica have great hair. Whether it’s Betty’s up-right and perky blonde ponytail or Veronica’s raven bangs and long locks, both of these ladies have laid-back but cute hairstyles!

3. Belle

Simple but pretty, Belle’s low-ponytail is a hairstyle that’s tried and true. She dresses it up, she dresses it down, and no matter how she styles it, it looks fabulous!

4. Marge

There has yet to be another blue-haired Diva like Marge. She rocks the blue beehive like no other cartoon character!

5. Jessica Rabbit

No hair post would be complete without mentioning Jessica Rabbit. She’s a foxy lady with long, luscious and vibrantly red hair. Simply elegant and irresistible!

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