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3 More Men’s Hairstyles You Can Expect to See in 2013

Hair trends change just as quickly as hair gets blown by the wind. Long, short, up, down, product, no-product… we all have to accept that trends don’t stop for anybody, least of all celebrities whose careers depend on them looking like we think they ought to look. Here are three of the current and coming men’s hair trends we anticipate seeing in 2013:

Messy Top
So you’ve got a nice, full head of hair but don’t want to look like you care too much about keeping it coiffed (although you secretly do). This is a great solution. Shag it up on top. It says casual while everything else tells the world you really know what’s up.

tousled hair
Messy, yet classy.
Photo credit: Ryan Abel via photopin cc

High Blow Back
No, this isn’t a military term. Just let your hair go long, then blow it up and back, and voila, you’ve got a startling, youthful look that creates an effect not unlike the flame of a candle. If you can pull it off, more power to you.

guy with a blowback hairstyle
Shaved sides optional.
Photo credit: istolethetv via photopin cc

Layered Side Comb
If the high blow back is a bit too much for you, you can meet halfway and shift it to one side, layering your hair via comb. This is a more mature and professional look.

George Clooney
An award winning layered side comb.
Photo credit: csztova via photopin cc

¬†Love ’em or like ’em, these styles are sure to grace the pages of magazines everywhere in 2013. For more information on men’s hair styles, or to find a hair transplant in New York, contact NuHart at 800-776-7775.

What’s your favorite men’s look for 2013? Share your thoughts below.