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3 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Expect to See in 2013

Hair! Men, women, kids, adults, tweens, teens – everybody deals with it, and while no two people have the same head of hair, you can say this about hair generally: hair-trends change, and sometimes not always for the better. Here are three men’s hairstyles you can expect to see in 2013!

The James Franco

Thin sides, wavy on top, and so cool that it hurts, if James Franco was stock, you’d probably want to buy it. If his hair was a stock, you’d want to buy that too. Expect to see much more of this in 2013 and (probably) beyond.

James Franco

photo by Nick Step

Peaked Jagged

No, this is not the name of a new band. Though it’d be a good name for a band. Somebody get on that. This is just what it sounds like… short on the sides and up top there’s a peak that’s, you know, jagged. Kind of an urbane, mountainous look… probably requires a bit of product to maintain the jag.

The Straight Blow Back

No, not a new sexual position – the Straight Blow Back is is blast from the past and perhaps a representative of the last wave of nouveau-50s look spawned by Mad Men-crazed urbanites with Banana Republic cards. Maybe you can pull this off, and if so, kudos, but I’d get a second opinion before rushing in and committing to this for a season.

Remember, if you’re on a budget, a good Buzz Cut never goes out of style…

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