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3 Cute Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, but V-Day is coming for you. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you plan on cozying up with your sweetie, or celebrating with your girls, we’ve gathered the top hairstyles to keep you looking gorgeous on love’s big day.

Angel Hair

Planning a sweet date with the love of your life? Nothing says sexy romance like va va voom waves a’la the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Give yourself a bombshell blow out that will wow your date by conditioning your hair first, and shampooing second. You want your hair to be free of residue so it can achieve ultimate bounce. Coat your damp hair in a volumizer, and rough blow dry you hair. Don’t worry about smooth straight locks. Getting good volume means letting your blow dryer fluff your hair into a frenzy, so remove the nozzle and shake your fingers through your hair with the barrel of the dryer pointed downward. When your hair is about 80 percent dry, use a round brush to pull your hair up and outward. Make sure that your hair is 100 percent dry or it will fall later. Finish your look with a curling iron and rollers for extra curl.


photo by hairdresseronfire

Sweet and Playful Hair Bow

For a playful and sweet look that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day create a flirty bow by taking one small section from each side of your head. Remember, the bigger the sections of hair, the bigger the bow. Join the two sections together at the back of your head with a small hair elastic. Don’t pull the hair all the way through the elastic, and let your hair stay in a half ponytail loop. Now split the look in half, to create two smaller loops. Clip one loop aside with a salon clip for later. Use your finger to give the free loop fullness by spreading it out, then pin it with a bobby pin.  Repeat this step on the loop that is being held with the salon clip. Pick up the remaining end of the ponytail, and wrap it over the center of your hair where the two halves of the bow meet. Secure your hair with bobby pins and spray with hairspray to prevent flyaways.

hair bow

photo by Sabine

The Heart Braid

A heart braid might be a little too young and sweet for some ladies, but it’s a sweet look that would be great for Valentine’s Day. To get the heart braid part your hair down the middle, splitting it into two sections. Start at the crown of your head and create a curve to shape the top of the heart. Stop at the back of your ear and pin the hair back for later use. Star braid your hair in a French, or inside-out French braid, and style at the top inside section of your hair using the line of sectioned off hair as a guide. When you get down to your ear, incorporate the remaining hair that was previously pinned. Repeat these steps with the opposite side, and secure your hair with an elastic. This style can be tricky and might take a bit of practice, so be patient.

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